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Moonlit Bayou
Lafitte, La.

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pal55.gif Louisiana , and in particular, Jefferson Parish, offer a wide variety of subject matter for a painter. The swamps and bayous , the cajun culture, and joie de vivre of the people are reflected in the work of local craftsmen. Painting in watercolor is a hobby which I enjoy together with building and flying Radio Control aircraft, and computing. Please browse the Gallery. , or check out some local history and recipes in the Gumbo page, or if you are in the mood for music, check out the Jukebox .

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Painting Quicklinks
Madonna Manor ChurchMarrero, Louisiana Early morning light bathes this Spanish Architecture chapel as a lone nun makes her way to mass.
Boomtown BelleHarvey, Louisiana One of the gaming boats which operates on the Intercoastal waterway.
Still LifeNew Orleans, Louisiana Diffused sunlight shines through glass blocks and a window to backlight the still life.
Port Sulfur GothicPort Sulfur, Louisiana An abandoned early century farm house in Plaquemines Parish, La..
The Natchez The Natchez steams down the Mississippi toward New Orleans.
Glades A fantasy view of the Florida Everglades.
Grande IsleGrande Isle, Louisiana A trio of geese come in for a landing in the marsh off Grande Isle, La.
Fish The light filters through the top of the aquarium and highlights the tropical fish.
GeeseLafitte, La. A trio of geese fly over a pothole in the marsh.
Who's There? Was there a noise in that barn?
Still Life with Model AirplaneMarrero, La. I enjoy building and flying Radio Control model airplanes.
Marsh CampLafitte, La. A fishing camp sits at the intersection of two bayous in the marsh.
SailingNew Orleans, La. Enjoying the breeze on Lake Pontchatrain.
Teddys Two cute little teddy bears.
Nesting Geese Morning light highlights a pair of nesting geese.
Shrimp Dock Hundreds of these docks service the fishing fleet in Louisiana.
Mountain Stream Done with a hake brush and 3 colors on cheap paper.
Glen More practice with the hake brush.
Look Still more practice with the hake brush.
Stormy Sky More practice with the hake brush. Kinda' gaudy looking, should have calmed down the colors.

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